Baking Steels – Rectangle 30cm x 40cm With Handles for Bread or Pizza

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IT’S always surprising when you think you have been doing something right your whole life, and it turns out that it is actually wrong – especially when it comes to dinner time. 

And one new documentary is quite literally cooking up a storm as it has revealed how we may not be cooking the simplest recipes tasks correctly. It claims how we really should be cooking our favourite dishes including shop bought pizza.

Who would’ve thought that putting them in the oven on a typical fan setting could be totally ruining them. In Channel 5’s Secrets of the Fast Food Giants, TV host Alexis Conran says the dough and topping turn out better if cooked under the grill.

And to make the dough really crisp underneath, you need a “secret weapon”.

Holding up a baking steel he says to let it absorb the heat until it was “extremely hot.”

Baking steels are made purely from steel – clay, ceramic, or cordierite – and because they’re made from different materials, it helps to conduct the heat.

A better alternative to baking stones! Being totally indestructible as they are not phased by steam and heat, a baking steel is also optimal for baking because metal conducts heat better than stone and stores more heat per unit volume than stone – both key characteristics to creating a fantastic sourdough loaf and a pizza that cooks up both light and crisp.

He said: “What you do is you put this in your oven, wack it up to your top temperature [grill] in your high shelf, and what happens is that it is so hot it cooks your base.

“It’s what you like, doughy, and gives the dough a time to rise because it has been cooked from the bottom.

“While the grill is melting everything above.”

Alexis then proved this by cooking two identical shop-bought pizzas.


Channel 5 documentary explains how we have been cooking pizza all wrong Credit: Channel 5


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Rectangle Pizza/Bread Baking Steel SIZE: 300mm x 400mm X 6mm (with handles 430mm wide)

This baking steel is 30cm x 40cm, plus 3cm for handles, 6mm thick and weighs just over 5.5 kg. This rectangular steels is great for baking baguettes, 2 x round or oval loaves at a time and bigger pizzas. You will never go back to using a baking stone once you have tried a steel.

Baking Steels Instructions

  1. First Use Seasoning : Seasoning the pizza steel will make it easier to clean after use. Apply a thin even coat of vegetable, rapeseed or olive oil and heat on max in the oven for 90 minutes. You may get some small amount of smoke but this is normal. If you apply too much oil, you will get more smoke as the oven but don’t be concerned. Allow to cool in the oven and then your steel will have a seasoned coating. This process isn’t essential but will improve the surface finish of your steel.
  2. Cooking With The Steel: Turn your oven on to max setting with the steel in the oven. Once the oven has reached its max temperature, leave ideally a minimum of 45 minutes to allow the oven to get to temperature and to allow the steel to also get to temperature. The more time you can give, the more heat the steel can store. Once the steel is adequately heated, you can go ahead with cooking your pizza. Please note that the pizza will cook quicker than a conventional pizza stone so do keep a careful eye. You can expect the pizza to cook in 4-8 minutes depending on your style/thickness of pizza.
  3. Maintenance/Care: Do not wash the steel! It is to be treated like cast iron cookware so no soap and water is needed. Simply scrape off any food residue and wipe with a dry cloth. If you do use any water, do not allow it to air cool. Wipe dry and apply a thin coat of oil and reheat to add to the seasoning. Over time and with use, the colour of the steel will darken in colour due to the seasoning process.


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