Baking Steel – 30cm x 40cm for Bread or Pizza

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A better alternative to baking stones! Being totally indestructible as they are not phased by steam and heat, a baking steel is also optimal for baking because metal conducts heat better than stone and stores more heat per unit volume than stone – both key characteristics to creating a fantastic sourdough loaf and a pizza that cooks up both light and crisp.

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The Ultimate Rectangle Baking Steel for Pizza Lovers.

Boost your baking experience and replace your baking/pizza stone with a heavy-duty, high heat conducting baking steel.

  • Achieve crispy, leopard pizza in only 4-8 minutes. 
  • Superior conductivity. A Baking Steel can cook a pizza up to 30 percent faster than a baking stone, and the faster a pizza cooks, the crispier its crust will be.
  • Highly durable. Super easy to clean and maintain for long life. Won’t shatter or crack.
  • Fits PERFECTLY in a standard size oven, leaving just enough space around the edges for air and steam circulation during the bake.
  • Replicate restaurant-grade pizza in the comfort of your own home with a Baking Steel!
  • Not only GREAT for cooking authentic Italian-style pizza, but you can also use your baking steel for bread, frying meat, and even making ice cream on it!
  • Cooking your Pizza whether in your Pizza Oven or domestic oven is enhanced with a Pizza Steel, transferring, and retaining heat more efficiently than a Pizza Stone.
  • Made in the UK


Material description: Mild Steel

Size: 300mm x 400mm X 6mm

Weight: 5.5kg

3 reviews for Baking Steel - 30cm x 40cm for Bread or Pizza

  1. Abbington Ginns

    All great although making the base will take some time

  2. Simon

    My new favourite bit of kit! Highly recommend. Never going back to a baking stone again.

  3. Amy Barbar

    Been using this a few weeks now and its taken my pizza’s to a whole new level. My kids will never want a dominos again!

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