Vertical Oven Kebab Skewer Meat Spit, Spike

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A healthy way to cook meats and vegetables in the oven. Just place the unit in a tray and let all the juices and fat runoff.

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🔥 Vertical Oven Kebab Skewer

🔥 Made from high-quality Stainless Steel. Easy Cleaning, Dishwasher Safe, and Lasts a Lifetime.

🔥 Superior heat tolerance and enhanced durability. It can withstand outdoor barbecue cooking without rusting or deforming.

🔥 Vertical Grilling. Can be used for roasting chicken or, as a meat spit. Perfect for cooking doner kebabs, gyros, and lamb shawarma. It can also be used to cook fish and vegetables.

🔥 The vertical style of the Simply Metal Vertical Oven Skewer ensures your meat marinates as it cooks for the best, most flavorful meal you've ever tasted!

🔥  Can hold up to 5 large chicken breasts!

🔥 Made in the UK.

🔥 Next Day Delivery!


Measures: H200mm x W100mm

Material: Stainless Steel

Weight: 1kg

Please Note: Made from stainless steel with a protective coating. Remove all coating before use.

1 review for Vertical Oven Kebab Skewer Meat Spit, Spike

  1. Nicola

    What a great product. Very well machined with no sharp edges. Very fast delivery. It will work on both a bbq and an oven. Can’t wait to use it

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