NEW! Stainless Steel Wood Fired Pizza Oven and Fire Pit

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The Stainless Steel Tall Boy. Fuelled by real wood or charcoal, the Simply Metal 12” Pizza Oven and Fire Pit cooks authentic wood-fired, stone-baked pizza in just a matter of minutes. Our pizza oven is small but mighty. Heat up the handmade paddle included, place your pizza on top of it and cook away! Once you’ve finished with pizza making & cooking, take the top of the oven off and enjoy the heat sat around the fire pit with family and friends. 


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Our unique 3 part design allows for the fire pit to be used on its own or as a pizza oven, and the oven comes apart for easy cleaning. The robust fire pit is made from 3mm steel ensuring you will be able to use it for years to come. Also included is the removable stainless steel pizza oven that will cook up to a 12" pizza

Features and further details:
The pizza oven is small but mighty, it can be used with either charcoal or kiln dried wood, it will cook your pizzas in a matter of minutes! Just heat up the handmade paddle that comes with it, place your pizza on it and cook away! Then if you don't fancy cooking, take the oven off and enjoy the heat sat around the pit.

  • Material: Fire Pit: 3mm Stainless. Pizza Oven: 1.5mm Stainless
  • Dimentions: 13"x13"x18
  • Package Includes: Fire Pit, Pizza Oven, Paddle.

PLEASE NOTE: This product is made New to order, however may have the odd scratch due to the steel provided from the Mill.
It is stainless however we recommend storing in a dry place whilst not in use and coating the fire pit with a light coating of vegetable oil to help prevent any rusting.


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